I’m Steedan Crowe and I created Web Hive 8 years ago when I needed hosting for my own websites. I was a photographer with several side businesses, but I couldn’t find a local hosting company aside from resellers and designers who did hosting ‘on the side’. I soon discovered that managing your own servers is a lot of work and trying to make hosting a full-time business was equally challenging. After many years of growing pains and changes in the industry, I’m now proud to say that we are first and foremost a hosting company doing some design and development work ‘on the side’.

Our server (Yes, we currently only have 1 as our business is small) is located in Toronto at a Cogeco data center with multiple redundancies for power and data. We’re a very small company with a focus on taking care of all the details and providing the best customer service possible. We work with small to large size businesses that don’t have their own I.T. staff and don’t want to worry about the intricacies of keeping their website up and virus free.

We take pride in being a small company with just a couple of staff based locally in Barrie, ON. This allows us to know each of our clients well and allows us to provide you with the best solutions for your business. As we grow, we will add more clients and more servers, but our aim is to always be the small local business you can trust for all of your hosting needs.