A fresh new beginning for our 8-year-old hosting business

Web Hive has a fresh new look, new pricing, and a renewed focus. After nearly a decade of experience in offering hosting services, I believe I’ve discovered the ideal solution for small to medium-size businesses. WordPress has become a popular choice amongst web design professionals and never has it been more important to keep your site and plugins up to date. This popularity has garnered a lot of attention from people looking to steal your user logins and traffic, or use your website as a phishing tool to steal personal data from innocent bystanders. We know you don’t want to be complacent in a phishing scam just because your contact form hasn’t been updated in a while. So help us make the internet a better place by entrusting that maintenance to someone who makes it their job.

To the Designers

If you aren’t already doing updates for all of your clients’ websites, now would be a good time to start. Or better yet, set your clients up for hosting with Web Hive. Starting at $35/month, you can give those critical clients of yours (the ones that depend on their website to do business), a great hosting experience. They can have the peace of mind knowing their website is being updated, backed up, and monitored consistently. Any support requests will be dealt with promptly by a knowledgeable and local Web Hive representative, not a third party call center in a different time zone. When you help us grow, that gives us more opportunity to give back to you and our local community with helpful plugins, workshops and blog posts.