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"Maintaining your site is our priority"

Site Maintenance with a Personal Touch

Web Hive is a small site maintenance and hosting company based in Barrie, ON.  We have a different approach to how we do business and we want to know each of our customers by name. We aren’t looking to become the next Big Web Host Brand and we don’t want to hire dozens/hundreds/thousands of tech support agents. Our goal is to be the equivalent of your local blacksmith for all of your website needs. Web Hive aims to be a sustainable business with very little turnover, incredible support and amazing clients like you!

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Updates Are Important

Why Updates Are Important Let’s just get right to the point - why aren’t you updating your websites? Don’t you know that updates are important and are recommended to help keep your online business, or blog safe from potential threats, hacks, and scams? To paraphrase...

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We are a local provider serving local businesses you know and like.